Now I Get It

In order to adopt a child, we will go through a process called the homestudy. This is where the adoption agency will evaluate us to be sure we are fit to join the pool of waiting families. I’ve heard that the homestudy can take up to 6 months to complete and I’ve been wondering how on earth it can take so long!

Now I get it. We sat down last week with a caseworker and she went over all the things we need to get done. The checklist is about a mile long. From fingerprints to financial information, from a marriage assessment to personal interviews, from autobiographic questionnaires to health evaluations, and much more, we are basically opening up every aspect of our lives and it’s going to take some time.

I’m ready to have a baby in my arms right now so the thought of waiting months in order to then begin waiting is tough. But I’m reminding myself that time is an asset. Time is a required part of this story and I suspect that one day when we meet our baby we will see that every day of waiting was an indispensible step.

Funny enough, we are finding joy in the little tasks; checking each box toward becoming a family of four. Kevin is throwing together a financial spreadsheet or two and I’m filling out paperwork, praying and dreaming about how God is weaving this thing together.

And I get it. It’s not merely a checklist. It’s the way of becoming parents to our future baby. And with God at the helm it will take exactly as long as it needs to.

2 Replies to “Now I Get It”

  1. i got the email sucesfully, thank you. i look forward to all of your updates, and joining in prayer with you and the rest of your loved ones. we love you 3!


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