Quick Update

We are officially done with our paperwork and hoping to start the interview phase soon. In the mean time, we’re gearing up for our Holiday Gift Market fundraiser and I just have to say, it’s going to be awesome!!

We have woodworkers, artists, knitters, photographers, bakers, painters and crafters working away, making items for us to sell.  Here’s a sneak peak of a some of our items.

We hope to see you at this joyful event on Nov 18th!



Hand Painted Kid’s Room Decor







Hand Painted Ceramic Ring Trays







Growth Chart Rulers (in progress)












Tooth Fairy Pillows






Gracie has her own project in the works.






Who knew Kevin’s woodworking skills would play a role in growing our family?


Click here to see a preview our amazing silent auction items!

2 Replies to “Quick Update”

  1. Anna and Kevin,

    Would you be interested in having three fly boxes with 15-20 flies made by Michael for the auction? He thinks that might be more Beneficial then selling individuals at a table. He said each box would be worth about $60 and would be filled with handmade flies specific for Colorado rivers.

    Also, I would love to help get other auction items if needed. A friend told me a few restaurants that tend to be generous. I can also reach out to some hotels and restaurants downtown. I had a few in mind because they are personal to my story but dont want to double contact anyone.

    Let me know if this is something that would be helpful!

    Your friend, Meg

    Sent from my iPhone



    1. Wow! Thank you, Meg and Michael. Those are great ideas! I’ve never been this excited about fishing flies before. 🙂 And, yes, let’s talk about the other auction ideas too. We’re so thankful for you and your support!


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