The Mountain

I sat with my big brother over lunch recently and he asked me a great question. He said, “What is this adoption journey like for you and Kevin?”

Without hesitation, I said, “It’s God calling us to something way harder and way better than we would have done on our own. It’s bigger and better and really daunting.”

As any good listener does, my brother asked a great next question. “Is there a picture that comes to mind when you think about that?”

“Yes. I see a mountain. It’s beautiful and amazing and… not easy to climb. If I were in charge, I would settle my life on flat ground where it’s easy. But God has called us to something higher.”

I drove home from lunch thinking about the mountain and about how Kevin and I know we’re going to get tired and we know there are risks involved. Yet all we want is to put one foot in front of the other and to go where God is leading, not because we are brave or naive, but because God is good and loving.

It dawned on me that God lovingly created this exact mountain with us in mind. How kind he is to give us more than we would ever find on flat ground.

Several weeks later, my brother sent me this:

Did I mention he’s a graphic artist? He designed this mountain image to represent God’s calling of adoption in our lives and we’re sharing it with you because we know you have your own mountains to climb that God has designed uniquely for you. You know, the hard stuff that you wouldn’t want to go through if it were up to you?

And as hard and difficult as the mountains are,  I can’t help but thank God for calling each of us to something higher and harder and better.

I’m excited to say we’ve printed t-shirts with this image and they’ll be available at our gift market next month. Our hope is that these t-shirts will remind us and you of God’s goodness and grace in the challenging parts of life and remind us all to say thank you for each mountain.

Thank you, brother, for listening and for capturing our story in this special mountain image!



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