This Thanksgiving the McMichael thankful list is overflowing. So much has happened since my last post that we’re finding it hard to describe how grateful and blessed we feel.  We praise God, above all, for his mercy and love which we know we could never deserve and we thank him for giving us more than we ever knew to ask for. Here’s a quick snap shot of what we are saying thank you for.

  • Our homestudy is finished and approved! We finished our paperwork and plowed through 15 hours of interviews with our caseworker over the last 3 weeks. We are now in the pool of waiting families! Hallelujah! Next step is to be chosen by a birthmother.
  • We attended a 2-day Core Training for adopting families and it was an incredible time of learning and being equipped to parent our future child. Our hearts grew even more for our baby and their birth family. Plus, we were able to connect with other adopting families who are waiting to meet their babies. 

    At Core Training. This is the best selfie we could manage to take.
  • We shared with Gracie that she will be a big sister and she has been bursting with joy and praying at bedtime that God will help her take good care of the baby. I praise God for the special bond she will have with her sibling.
  • Our holiday gift market and online auction were both very successful and SO much fun! We raised approximately $8,000 (WOW!) and we will never forget the generosity and kindness that was shown to us by family, friends, friends-of-friends, and even strangers in some cases! We are inspired to be more generous in our own lives having received so much from others. 

And the list goes on. We’re thankful beyond words. We praise God and we thank YOU for the role you have played in our lives. We are forever grateful!

Here are a few pictures from our gift market:

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