Hi, I’m Anna McMichael. I’ve been married to a great man named Kevin since 2010 and we have been learning on the job as parents to our only child since 2013. With a bachelor’s in behavioral science and a master’s in nonprofit management, most of my professional background is in the field of early childhood education. In 2013, I took a part time position at our church as Director of Community Life and Children’s Ministry and it’s so much fun I can hardly believe I get to do it!

I  believe in the God of the Bible and I am blown away by his grace and love. I seek to follow Jesus in all areas of my life as his love changes me and grows me. The longer I walk with him the more I see that it is he who fulfills the deepest desires of my heart.

I feel honored to be a prospective adoptive parent. It’s been a hard road getting here but I can tell we are exactly where we ought to be and it’s amazing- I already love a child I have never met!

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